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Improving Body, Mind & Spirit


The MS Center provides access to therapeutic, wellness, and mental health services through qualified contracted providers. Clients can receive services, not typically covered by insurance, to help them manage the symptoms of the disease. The MS Center covers the cost of the services, requiring only a small co-pay from the client. All exercise and art classes are free of charge.

Don’t need the services? All persons with MS are encouraged to register to become a “Member” of the MS Center in order to participate in our activities and educational events.  Join the family!  Contact us at (239) 319-0904 or e-mail Kay@mscenterswfl.org.

Physical Wellness

The MS Center of SWFL facilitates client access to exercise classes, exercise therapy, equine therapy, and physical therapy evaluations. These services help members with MS maximize their mobility, prevent injury, and improve their overall well-being. 

Mental Health

MS Center clients and their caregivers have access to support groups, mental health counseling, and a network of peers. Regular information about local resources and opportunities keeps clients connected and informed.

Care Coordination and Advocacy

Qualified professionals manage client intake and annual assessments. Case managers assist clients in navigating the care system when they face crisis situations. Disability counseling for those losing their ability to work is an upcoming program.

Art Classes

A wide offering of art classes are offered throughout our service area for clients. These classes enhance the mind and body, while providing a creative outlet and accomplishment for clients. The art program is funded by the Sumner Charitable Foundation. 

Our Current Programs

A list of programs currently offered by the MS Center of SWFL is available below. Please note that class times change on occaision. Registration is required, and once registered, you will be notified of alterations to the schedule. 


The MS Center of SWFL works with providers in multiple ways to bring clients the widest possible access to physical and mental health services.

Online Options

We have moved multiple classes and services online, and are working on making even more available. 

Qualified and Compliant

We have five licensed mental health counselors, and one Life Coach. Currently three of our counselors are offering Telehealth mental health counseling via a HIPAA compliant service.

Physical Evaluation

Clients who have limited mobility and/or significant balance issues are referred to Dr. Venglar for a Physical Therapy Assessment.

Emergency Prep and Care

Emergency preparation and crisis services are important for residents with special needs. During previous crises, we have assisted clients in getting the access they need. We even opened the center for AC during extended power outages in the area.

Comprehensive Care

The MS Center of SWFL is dedicated to improving the lives of those with multiple sclerosis. We care for the mind, body and spirit as a whole, and we care for the entire family involved.

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