The mission.

The Disability Assistance Program is designed to assist our most disabled clients. Most of these clients are wheelchair bound and some are partially paralyzed. Here are the components of the program and how you can help.

Sit to Stand Lift

The “Sit to Stand Lift” is specialized equipment to assist caregivers in transferring a disabled person with MS. We have clients who are at risk of having to go to a nursing home if they don’t have a caregiver who can help them transfer from chair to bed or bathroom and back. In this program, clients can apply to receive a Sit to Stand lift that a caregiver can use to safely transfer their loved one. The lift is easy to use for the caregiver, and can make it possible for the client to remain in their home. This program also includes case management to help the client and caregiver with other needs.

At least 50 of our clients currently qualify for this program. We have raised $41,000 so far which will provide the funding to serve 10 of those clients. We have 40 more who are waiting.

Please donate to help us reach our goal of $160,000 to dramatically improve the quality of life for 40 more individuals and their caregivers.

Work to Disability

Financial Assistance when in transition from work to disability. MS symptoms usually progress. Some become unable to work at all. For most their only option is to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The path to being approved for SSDI is complicated and lengthy. Clients who have limited funds may run the risk of not being able to pay for housing and other bills while they wait for a decision. Through the Disability Assistance Program, clients can apply to receive case management, education about the SSDI process, connection to important resources, and short-term financial assistance. This assistance can be life-changing, helping to reduce the client’s risk of hunger, homelessness, and lack of healthcare during the waiting period. Please donate to help us reach our goal of $30,000 to help our clients make it through this tough transition.


Philanthropist and Champion for MS Center Clients

Sue Bookbinder

Sue Bookbinder is a former Human Resources Executive from NY City, and a philanthropist. She and her husband Art, an executive in the field of Hi-Tech Products for the visually impaired, came to Naples in 2000. Here, they founded the Lighthouse of Collier (LOC). Art, legally blind since age 38, served as President and then Chief Executive of LOC until he passed away in 2020. Sue carries on his legacy, remaining very active in the Lighthouse of Collier, and giving back to the community through volunteerism and board service.

Sue who has multiple sclerosis, became involved in the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Southwest Florida in 2012. Since learning of the plight of some individuals with MS who have more challenging disabilities, Sue decided she wanted to be a part of the solution. Sue has designated a gift of $30,000 to help purchase the life changing Sit to Stand Lifts to help these individuals.

Please join Sue and help us extend this gift to more people with MS. Please give today to support this important program.