Art Classes

A variety of art classes are offered throughout the Center’s service area for registered clients. The art program provides a creative outlet and a distraction from the chronic symptoms that affect the daily lives of MS patients.  The art program is made possible by the Sumner Charitable Foundation. 


Art classes provide self-care by engaging the senses, the creative process, and focus on an external, beautiful product.

confidence & Accomplishment

The art program expands skills and builds confidence. A finished piece of artwork promotes a sense of pride and accomplishment. The MS Center’s art students’ work was displayed at the Von Liebig Art Museum in 2019.


social support

Teachers familiar with MS symptoms and fellow students with similar challenges provides a stress-free environment for learning new skills.

Support for the Body: MS focused exercise classes and physical therapy evaluation.

Support for the Mind: mental health coaching, support groups, case management, and connection to resources.

Support for the Spirit: art classes, meditation classes, and other activities.


Multiple Sclerosis Center of Southwest Florida

The Multiple Sclerosis Center of Southwest Florida is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has served the community since 2000. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for those in Southwest Florida affected by multiple sclerosis. Services include specialized exercise classes, care coordination, art therapy, mental health counseling, support groups, connection to resources, and educational activities.

The MS Center is not a chapter of a national organization. All donations received stay here in Southwest Florida to serve our local community.