This 4-week course, held at the MS Center, begins Friday, April 27 and runs from 10 am to Noon. Mindfulness for Life is a holistic program based on the nationally and internationally recognized stress reduction program presented by Mary Robinson.

This program will introduce mindfulness skills to enhance the observation and discovery of one’s own reactions to life’s stressors.  Strategies that relax the body and mind, promoting healthy ways to respond to life’s challenges, along with basic breathing techniques and simple stretches will be presented.  Modifications are made for those with physical restrictions.

Mary Robinson, M.A., M.S., has facilitated mindfulness program in Southwest Florida for more than ten years.   She has had a private psychotherapy practice in Ft. Myers since 1981 as a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and is an experienced and creative workshop leader.  She says “Because mindfulness has changed my life, it is a joy to introduce these life-changing experiences to others who are eager to learn about mindfulness and include the practices in their daily lives.”