anyone can paint

You do not need to think of yourself as “artistic” to produce artwork; art is very personal and subjective.  All you need is curiosity and a willingness to explore your own creativity.

As we all know, living with MS presents unique challenges to each individual.  Some of us suffer from mobility issues, depression, fatigue, difficult vision, tremors and various nerve sensations.  All these symptoms tend to cause us to isolate ourselves from others.

Participating in art classes is a positive social experience where everyone is encouraged to be creative in their own way.  Here are some comments from our students:  One lady commented that art class has helped her to develop better fine motor skills.  Another, with severe memory issues, clearly recall the first painting she ever did last year. Others have commented that it has been a wonderful way to relax and feel more positive about their situations.  Another has made deeper connections with his grandchildren and other relatives who eagerly ask for his paintings. This man never expected to like painting but it has become a great source of joy for him.

According to the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA), “numerous studies have been conducted with healthy individuals as well as those with various conditions to examine the positive effects of creating artwork.

“One small study found that the people with MS who participated in a creative art program experienced significant increases in self-esteem, social support, and self-efficacy to function with MS. The study also saw a strong effect on hope. The authors concluded that creative art has the potential to enhance the lives of those living with MS.”

Please think about attending one of our classes.  Don’t be shy, we like meeting new people!

Barb Munch
MS Center of SWFL
Volunteer Art Coordinator and MS Center Client