The Problem.

The MS Center of Southwest Florida has many clients who are not able to stand or transfer themselves well enough to change rooms or use home bathrooms alone. Often they do not have home care aids, or care partners who can safely assist them frequently.

The Technology.
Sit to Stand Lift

The Sit to Stand lift is a portable assistive device that enables a care partner to lift a non-mobile client from sitting to standing, as well as moving the client from room to room.

Clients Waiting

The Need.

We have established a Disability Assistance Program to address this and other issues facing our clients with disabilities.

Sit to Stand Lifts cost between $3,500-$5,000 each. Our Program has already funded 5 devices, all of which are already promised to families in need. We have more clients waiting. 

The impact. Life-changing

Imagine you are disabled from a degenerative disease, unable to stand on your own. Dependent upon others for basic sanitary care and hygiene. This is a common scenario for some MS Center clients. These clients may have care partners at home, but those partners are rarely able to transfer them without strain or danger to their own well-being.

The only option for many is assisted living, which forces the client out of their home, apart from their loved ones, and places a huge financial burden on their family.

Instead, a Sit to Stand Lift can enable this client to full access to their own home, as well as aid in visits to doctors’ offices, and other important appointments. 

Donate todaY

The ability to be able to move a disabled person with little effort from bed to chair, or chair to the toilet, can make all the difference in the world. This one piece of equipment can have a huge impact on reducing some of the most significant daily struggles in the life of a disabled person with MS and their caregiver.

We want to help more of our disabled clients by providing them with this piece of equipment that could help them delay or avoid going to a nursing home. Each Hoyer Journey Sit to Stand lift costs between $3,100 and $4,000, depending on weight/size needs.

We have identified five more clients who are in need this equipment today. We estimate that there are seven to eight clients per year who will need this lift in their home. Help us help these clients remain in their home.

Please help us to purchase the equipment and provide case management support to the families. Thank you in advance for your support!

Philanthropist and Champion for MS Center Clients

Sue Bookbinder

Sue BookbinderSue Bookbinder is a former Human Resources Executive from NY City, and a philanthropist. She and her husband Art, an executive in the field of Hi-Tech Products for the visually impaired, came to Naples in 2000. Here, they founded the Lighthouse of Collier (LOC). Art, legally blind since age 38, served as President and then Chief Executive of LOC until he passed away in 2020. Sue carries on his legacy, remaining very active in the Lighthouse of Collier, and giving back to the community through volunteerism and board service.

Sue who has multiple sclerosis, became involved in the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Southwest Florida in 2012. Since learning of the plight of some individuals with MS who have more challenging disabilities, Sue decided she wanted to be a part of the solution. Sue has designated a gift of $30,000 to help purchase the life changing Sit to Stand Lifts to help these individuals.

Please join Sue and help us extend this gift to more people with MS. Please give today to support this important program.